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Friday, July 16, 2010

Music Review: Hello Good Morning - Diddy - Dirty Money ft. T.I.

Speed: 104 bpm

The DJ’s Take: Ever tried having a good conversation with someone at a social event after about 8 or 9 drinks? Not enough for you to pass out right away, but just enough to make you strug-gull a little bit. It’s like you have all this great stuff to say in your head, but your tongue is a little too heavy to have it come out the way you want. I think this is sort of like what happened to whoever produced this track. The synth riffs are too elaborate for the beat and the tempo, to the point where I feel like it’s all about to topple like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Then again, that’s Diddy for you. Plus, this song has somehow snuck into the 20s on the Billboard Hot 100, so someone’s paying attention to it. I got introduced to Hello Good Morning a couple months ago at the end of another night of work at the bar, when one of the bartenders whipped out her iPhone, played the video for me, and told me I needed to start spinning this. I held off because I didn’t like it, and no one would’ve recognized it anyway. But once it creeps up into the top 20, it may be time to download and try it out.

Download the MP3: Hello Good Morning [Explicit]