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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Music Review: Hot Tottie - Usher ft. Jay-Z

Speed: 88 bpm

The DJ’s Take: According to, a hot tottie is a remedy for the common cold that’s made up of hot tea with lemon, honey, cinnamon and whiskey. And given that context, this song makes a lot more sense to me. Not that there’s anything deep to be gleaned from the lyrics - this is a straight club single.

It feels electronic, but it isn’t 125 bpm or higher. So we’ll see if the people can still get down to dance music that isn’t on E. Personally, I like this, and I think the mainstream crowd will too. Try it for yourself.

Download the MP3: Hot Tottie

DJ’s - turn on key adjust and mix this with: On to the Next One - Jay-Z