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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bed of Lies - Nicki Minaj ft. Skylar Grey

Speed: 86 bpm

The DJ's Take: Nice easy listening (title makes me think of a bad romance novel or Lifetime movie), but is it bar or club-worthy? Depends - if you're a karaoke or trivia dj doing a break between songs, or the vibe is relaxed and no one's dancing, then I think this is worth a spin. Of course, if it becomes a bigger hit (which is possible), then you consider breaking it out at almost any time in a Top 40 environment. Interesting key-compatible mix or mashup idea - pair Bed of Lies up with Magic by B.o.B. Big contrast in terms of energy, but maybe you can make it work.

Download the song:

Amazon: Bed Of Lies [feat. Skylar Grey] [Explicit], Bed Of Lies [feat. Skylar Grey] [Clean]