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DJ mix/mashup: roxanne loves cheap thrills (ft. Harry Styles' As It Was x a-ha's Take On Me)

Made with Logic Pro at 86 bpm Quick note on what I did with Harry Styles' As It Was - the original plan was to use that 10 note drum-less synth intro on a loop. But things got a bit more complicated when I realized the 10th note came with a heavy drum hit. So we did a little surgery, subbed in the same note without the drum, and cut it up to get a decent imitation of what I wanted in the beginning. If you'd like to have a go, Amazon download links are below. Or feel free to do something totally different with the songs in the relevant DJ Cheat Sheet playlist . As It Was - Harry Styles Take On Me - a-ha Roxanne - Arizona Zervas Cheap Thrills - Sia
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DJ mix #75 ft. a-ha, Harry Styles and R. Kelly

Made with Logic Pro at 86 bpm 15:35 of pop (with a little 80s and r&b) Check out some more mixes here . This episode was made using this playlist . Tracklist (start times in parentheses): 1. As It Was - Harry Styles 2. Take On Me - a-ha (0:53) 3. Ridin' Solo - Jason Derulo (2:51) 4. Too Little Too Late - JoJo (5:38) 5. Don't Lie - Black Eyed Peas (6:45) 6. Cheap Thrills - Sia (8:21) 7. Your Body's Callin' - R. Kelly (10:24) 8. Take On Me - a-ha (Kygo Remix) (13:00)

DJ mix/mashup: Higher Down in the DM (Yo Gotti, Drake, Baauer & Just Blaze ft. Jay-Z, Jack Harlow)

Made with Logic Pro at 77 bpm As I start to do more of these, the more I understand the acronym that my third grade teacher used to say on a regular basis: K.I.S.S. Keep it simple, stupid. In this case, don't stack 4 or 5 different tracks on top of each other. These songs are individual creations, not components in whatever a dummy like me is trying to put together. Basslines can clash unintentionally, loud on top of loud can create distortion, etc. Takes some more thought than I expected. Different from mixes where you're holding a beatmatch for maybe 30 seconds at most during a transition from one song into the next. Anyway, this one came out alright once we simplified things. Second half is Baauer's Higher mixed with the drum-less intro to Drake's Headlines, then blended over the drum-less intro to Jack Harlow's Nail Tech, and finally we bring in the end of Nail Tech. Interesting note on the ending to Nail Tech - sounds a bit like Kanye's Flashing Ligh

The BMC Top 10 for April 2022

1. 24k Magic - Bruno Mars 2. dj mix: #63 ft. The Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber's Peaches 3. dj mix/mashup: Flying First Class to Mardi Gras (ft. Jack Harlow and Bob James) 4. Billie Jean - Michael Jackson 5. dj mix: #74 ft. Eminem, Snoop Dogg and Harry Styles 6. dj mix/mashup: You Know You Like Roses (ft. DJ Snake, Saint Jhn, DMX and Eminem) dj mix #23 ft. Travis Scott, Drake, and Ariana Grande 8. Work - Rihanna ft. Drake 9. You Need To Calm Down - Taylor Swift 10. dj mix #73 ft. Rihanna, Frank Ocean and Toni Braxton Any thoughts on what should be in the Top 10? Let us know on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram .

DJ mix/mashup: You Know You Like Roses (DJ Snake, Saint JHn, DMX, Eminem)

Made with Logic Pro at 105 bpm If I keep doing these, hopefully they all come together as quickly and easily as this one. Started off with the vocal-only intro for DJ Snake and AlunaGeorge over a little section of Roses with minimal vocals, and made that the central theme. Then I took a couple parts from the intro to Intro by DMX. Fun fact: found this one on youtube when an article (or the algorithm) brought me to the walkout for a post-prison Mike Tyson fight. Tell me those bells aren't the ultimate death knell: And then we switched up the mood a bit with The Real Slim Shady and its dark, bouncy looniness. Probably the biggest hit of the four pieces we used, and good background sound for a mental institution or a Halloween party. Amazon downloads below, and don't forget the key- and bpm-compatible DJ Cheat Sheet playlist if you want to make your own version. Plus - a full mix stretched out to 19 minutes featuring this music and more. You Know You Like It - DJ Snake

DJ mix/mashup: flying first class to mardi gras (Jack Harlow, Bob James, Avicii, Maroon 5)

Made with Logic Pro at 107 bpm Jack Harlow's First Class and Bob James' Take Me to the Mardi Gras are the real centerpieces of this one. An unconventional pairing, to be sure. But that's why I tried it out. And as soon as we threw them together, the combination sounded pretty interesting. If you've never heard of that Bob James track before, hopefully it sounds familiar at least. Very popular hiphop sample , especially in the late 80s and into the 90s. That little drum break in part II of this mix/mashup is a classic - featured prominently in Missy Elliott's Work It, which we dropped into Mix Show #74 . Also, for those who didn't know - Bob James made Nautilus (another heavily-used sample) and the theme to the tv show Taxi , among others. A literal legacy that lives on in other people's music. Anyway, we closed our little piece out with the little guitar riff from Avicii's Friend of Mine. I was planning to use Maroon 5 and SZA's What Lovers D

The BMC Top 10 for March 2022

1. dj mix: #73 ft. Rihanna, Frank Ocean and Toni Braxton 2. Stay - The Kid Laroi ft. Justin Bieber 3. Levels - Avicii 4. dj mix: #63 ft. The Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber's Peaches 5. dj mix/mashup: Too Close x Midnight City 6. Lean On - Major Lazer and DJ Snake dj mix #59 ft. 2Pac and DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince 8. dj mix #72 ft. Sacrifice by The Weeknd 9. dj mix #74 ft. Snoop Dogg, Eminem and Harry Styles 10. 24k Magic - Bruno Mars Any thoughts on what should be in the Top 10? Let us know on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram .