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dj mix/mashup: me & u, liberian girl (Cassie, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner)

Made with Logic Pro at 102 bpm If my lazier side had its way, I would've just used the first loop (Me & U instrumental + Liberian Girl instrumental) and the last one (Liberian Girl + What's Love Got To Do With It), copy-pasted over and over, and called it a day. Because those beats go together really well. But that would've been boring after about 45 seconds. So we fleshed it out, and added the vocals plus the hook from Me & U for a little variation and buildup. No question the vocals/hook combo from Liberian Girl or What's Love Got To Do... would've hit harder. But the chords/tone from either one never quite fit with the other instrumentals, so I went a little more conservative. Still turned out ok. Here's the playlist we used , in case you need some inspiration for your own project.