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Showing posts from November 11, 2012

This Kiss - Carly Rae Jepsen

Speed: 128 bpm The DJ's Take : I wonder which decade she's trying to evoke here? Hmm... Anyway, I think it's got hit potential, especially among young females who missed the 80s and want a little taste of it. Try mixing with the following: Let Me Love You - NeYo , Part of Me - Katy Perry , I Wanna Go - Britney Spears , California Gurls - Katy Perry   Download the song: Amazon:

Young & Gettin It - Meek Mill ft. Kirko Bangz

Speed: 67 bpm The DJ's Take: Is it just me, or does this sound like a less laidback version of Drank In My Cup ? Not a bad choice if you're doing a Hot 100 hipPop set, but it's a standard canned track if you're a purist. To all the young folk out there with an interest in hiphop - do your research and gain an appreciation for the classics. Definitely worth the time, and you'll be a more well-rounded listener and dj. Download the song: Amazon:

Headphone Reviews: Panasonic Technics RP-DH1250

If there's one thing about the Panasonic Technics RP-DH1250 that catches my eye, it's those ear covers that look like turntable platters. Reminds me of those Technics vinyl decks that were fun to play back in the day. But do these headphones sound as good as they look? Some online reviews are up, and the feedback is solid. 'If you've got the budget for it, and you're in need of a good pair of professional headphones, these would definitely be a great fit for a studio or DJing gig. The sound quality is nothing short of spectacular...' - gizmag 'The RP-DH1250's are a high-end set of DJ-oriented headphones, which create a sonic landscape that eclipses that of many of its competitors.' - digital trends The sticking point here? As the reviews suggest, it's the price tag. MSRP is $270, although you can most likely find it cheaper if you shop around a bit (see below). Personally though, I think headphones can be a fashion statement, especially