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The BMC Top 10 for September 2016

1. Closer - The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey 2. Cold Water - Major Lazer ft. Justin Bieber 3. My Way - Calvin Harris 4. Starboy - The Weeknd and Daft Punk 5. Side To Side - Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj 6. The Greatest - Sia ft. Kendrick Lamar 7. Let Me Love You - DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber 8. Perfect Illusion - Lady Gaga 9. Work - Rihanna ft. Drake 10. Heathens - twenty one pilots Any thoughts on what should be in the Top 10? Let us know on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram . (Photo via Morguefile )

All We Know - The Chainsmokers ft. Phoebe Ryan

Speed: 90 bpm Recommended bpm range: 85 bpm to 90 bpm , 90 to 95 bpm The DJ's Take: Unless people are getting tired of The Chainsmokers, it sounds like we've got another hit on our hands. Good balance between soothing acoustic music and measured electronic pop anthem. Get it in the rotation as soon as possible. If you're staying key-compatible, consider mixing with tracks like:

Throwback Thursday: Otis - Jay-Z and Kanye West

Speed: 95 bpm Recommended bpm range: 90 to 95 bpm , 95 to 100 bpm The DJ's Take: Guys - if you find a lady who can groove to this without falling over in her heels, she's a keeper. Unconventional beat that can produce impressive results in the right setting. If you're in the 90 to 95 bpm range, try mixing with:

Throwback Thursday: It's Gonna Be Me - NSYNC

Speed: 82.5 bpm Recommended bpm range: 80 bpm to 85 bpm The DJ's Take: As with Bye Bye Bye , this is straight fire for twenty-something females remembering their boy band crushes. And nostalgia aside, that beat hits as hard as Gennady Golovkin . Make it a fixture in your throwback rotation. Try mixing with key-compatible tracks like:

Water Under The Bridge - Adele

Speed: 95 bpm Recommended bpm range: 90 to 95 bpm , 95 to 100 bpm The DJ's Take: How did this not become a hit? Guess everyone was so obsessed with Hello that it slipped under the radar. Anyway, I think if things break right, Water Under The Bridge could get a second shot at pop success at some point. In the meantime, worth a spin in a more laid back setting where you don't necessarily have to keep the dance floor packed. If you're in the 90 to 95 bpm range, try mixing with key-compatible tracks like:

Anywhere - Dillon Francis ft. Will Heard

Speed: 115 bpm Recommended bpm range: 110 to 115 bpm , 115 to 120 bpm The DJ's Take: If someone were to do an electro-remix of Jason Derulo's Want to Want Me , this could be the beat. Light, airy pop with just enough thump in the chorus. Probably better suited for a UK / euro audience (or a TV commercial for some portable electronic device), but that shouldn't stop you from dropping it in a Top 40 set from time to time. Besides Want to Want Me, try mixing with these key-compatible tracks: Hands To Myself - Selena Gomez Cool For The Summer - Demi Lovato Fun - Pitbull ft. Chris Brown Treasure - Bruno Mars In My Head - Jason Derulo Because Of You - NeYo The Hills - The Weeknd Download or stream the song: Key and bpm-compatible Spotify playlist Apple Music iTunes Amazon

??? (Where) - Ty Dolla $ign ft. Migos

Speed: 65 bpm Recommended bpm range: 65 bpm to 70 bpm The DJ's Take: Something kinda grimy and sinister about this beat - sounds like the theme music for a villain in one of those comic book films that are all the craze these days. But this could work on a hiphop night in a club setting with an inebriated crowd; just don't go and start a riot, ok? If you're staying key-compatible, try mixing with tracks like: