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Showing posts from April 19, 2015

Private Show - T.I. ft. Chris Brown

Speed: 70 bpm Recommended bpm range:   65 bpm  to  70 bpm ,  70 bpm  to  75 bpm The DJ's Take: Another one for the gentlemen's club (or for winding things down at the end of the night). I like it - just a solid groove for the grown folks. Probably not going to set the dancefloor aflame, but mix into GDFR - Flo Rida and people should perk up. Other key-compatible tracks include Rap God - Eminem , Cupid Shuffle - Cupid , Applause - Lady Gaga , and Forgot About Dre - Dr. Dre ft. Eminem . Download or stream the song: Spotify playlist Apple Music iTunes

Slow Motion - Trey Songz

Speed: 95 bpm Recommended bpm range:   90  to  95 bpm ,  95  to  100 bpm The DJ's Take: I have a sneaking suspicion this is in heavy rotation at gentlemen's clubs in metropolitan areas across the country. Nice track for new and established couples to get more familiar to at the end of the night. Worth a download, especially given its steady rise up the charts. For a key-compatible mix or mashup, try blending with tracks like Blank Space - Taylor Swift , Don't Tell Em - Jeremih , Back That Azz Up - Juvenile , and Dreamlover - Mariah Carey . Download or stream the song: Apple Music iTunes

Honey, I'm Good - Andy Grammer

Speed: 122 bpm Recommended bpm range:   120  to  125 bpm The DJ's Take: Is it just me, or does this sound like a slower, smoother version of Cotton Eye Joe ? Reasonably popular song right now, and I don't see why you can't spin this during the hoedown at the local county fair. Makes me want to slap my thigh and swig moonshine. If you're looking for key-compatible tracks to mix or mash up with at around 123 to 125 bpm, consider tracks like: