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Showing posts from April 10, 2016

Liberate - Eric Prydz

Speed: 127 bpm Recommended bpm range: 125 to 130 bpm The DJ's Take: Plot twist in the first 30 seconds of the video - blond chick is actually a dude! Definitely has a dreamy, 80s feel; I'd save it for a more laidback electronic night, a recorded mix, or a pop night where you have a lot of leeway. Try blending with tracks like:

Just Like Fire - P!nk

Speed: 81.5 bpm Recommended bpm range: 80 bpm to 85 bpm The DJ's Take: A little folk, a little hiphop with the rap & handclaps, and a lot of pop - nice comeback single for a talented, female-friendly artist. Off to a strong start on the charts, and I think it'll have some staying power. Try mixing or mashing with tracks like: Wicked - Future , Nobody Has To Know - Kranium ft. Ty Dolla $ign , Bad Blood - Taylor Swift , Shake It Off , Hey Mama - David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj , I Need A Girl - Trey Songz , Not A Bad Thing - Justin Timberlake Download the song: Amazon

Throwback Thursday: Yeah! - Usher ft. Lil Jon & Ludacris

Speed: 105 bpm Recommended bpm range: 100 to 105 bpm The DJ's Take: Huge hit from 10 years ago; I remember getting this on vinyl, and feeling obligated to spin it at some point during peak time in almost every gig. Should still generate energy and good memories for a twenty-something pop crowd.

Spaceships - Area21

Speed: 75 bpm Recommended bpm range: 70 bpm to 75 bpm , 75 bpm to 80 bpm The DJ's Take: Pretty fitting title for a track like this, right? Probably best to play for trap / electronica fans, although there's a little buzz generating online, so a pop crowd may recognize it. Try mixing or mashing up with tracks like:

Fade - Kanye West

Speed: 106 bpm Recommended bpm range: 100 to 105 bpm , 105 to 110 bpm The DJ's Take: Feels like something I'd expect to hear at 3:30 am in an underground lounge in Manhattan. Steady, pulsing vibe you can sway and snap your fingers to with a drink in your hand and a detached look on your face. If you're at around 105 bpm, try mixing with tracks like:

Paradise - Benny Benassi & Chris Brown

Speed: 128 bpm Recommended bpm range: 125 to 130 bpm The DJ's Take: Probably better suited for a festival as opposed to a live dance floor because of the drum-less interludes & buildups. But once it gets going, it gets good. And the Chris Brown vocals give this a recognizability factor with a pop crowd. Try mixing or mashing up with tracks like:

Waves - Kanye West

Speed: 48 bpm Recommended bpm range: 45 bpm to 50 bpm The DJ's Take: Has an ethereal, majestic quality to it, especially with the Chris Brown chorus. Not exactly a dance floor banger, but certainly worth a spot in a recorded mix or as an end-of-the-night closer. If you're around 95 to 100 bpm, try mixing with tracks like: