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dj mix/mashup: what is love x i'm good (david guetta, bebe rexha, haddaway)

Made with Logic Pro at 126 bpm Songs used: I'm Good - David Guetta, Bebe Rexha What Is Love - Haddaway I guess this is the month of I'm Good on this site? Yeah; my goal is to stretch out that $1.29 on iTunes as far as possible 🙂. Probably the closest thing to a mashup I've done so far with this track - tried to take different sections from both songs, and re-arrange them to make something different. 20 year old me would've loved that combined drop that starts halfway through; feel like it toes the line between over-the-top and club banger. I think there's more in there; maybe we'll add to this in the future. Or you can try on your own, using these two songs or other ones from our list of key and bpm-compatible dance tracks .