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Showing posts from March 26, 2023

BESO - ROSALÍA, Rauw Alejandro

tempo: 95 bpm the DJ's take: Is this sort of like a Latin version of Closer ? Or maybe Love Me Like You Do . So those are some interesting possible mixes, if you can figure out where to transition in and out. Some other solid options in our 90 to 95 bpm and 95 to 100 bpm playlists. download or stream BESO: amazon

Calm Down - Rema, Selena Gomez

tempo: 107 bpm the DJ's take: Good instrumental intro gives you something to work with in a mix or mashup. Some possible key- and bpm-compatible tracks in this playlist , if you can find anything at 103-104 bpm. This could also sound interesting with Liberian Girl . download or stream Calm Down: amazon