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DJ mix/mashup: Higher Down in the DM (Yo Gotti, Drake, Baauer & Just Blaze ft. Jay-Z, Jack Harlow)

Made with Logic Pro at 77 bpm As I start to do more of these, the more I understand the acronym that my third grade teacher used to say on a regular basis: K.I.S.S. Keep it simple, stupid. In this case, don't stack 4 or 5 different tracks on top of each other. These songs are individual creations, not components in whatever a dummy like me is trying to put together. Basslines can clash unintentionally, loud on top of loud can create distortion, etc. Takes some more thought than I expected. Different from mixes where you're holding a beatmatch for maybe 30 seconds at most during a transition from one song into the next. Anyway, this one came out alright once we simplified things. Second half is Baauer's Higher mixed with the drum-less intro to Drake's Headlines, then blended over the drum-less intro to Jack Harlow's Nail Tech, and finally we bring in the end of Nail Tech. Interesting note on the ending to Nail Tech - sounds a bit like Kanye's Flashing Ligh

The BMC Top 10 for April 2022

1. 24k Magic - Bruno Mars 2. dj mix: #63 ft. The Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber's Peaches 3. dj mix/mashup: Flying First Class to Mardi Gras (ft. Jack Harlow and Bob James) 4. Billie Jean - Michael Jackson 5. dj mix: #74 ft. Eminem, Snoop Dogg and Harry Styles 6. dj mix/mashup: You Know You Like Roses (ft. DJ Snake, Saint Jhn, DMX and Eminem) dj mix #23 ft. Travis Scott, Drake, and Ariana Grande 8. Work - Rihanna ft. Drake 9. You Need To Calm Down - Taylor Swift 10. dj mix #73 ft. Rihanna, Frank Ocean and Toni Braxton Any thoughts on what should be in the Top 10? Let us know on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram .