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King Kunta - Kendrick Lamar

Speed: 107 bpm Recommended bpm range:   105  to  110 bpm The DJ's Take: Has a definite 70s funk vibe, and I like it. Blast it in the car, skate to it, or groove when this comes on in the club - a rare modern hiphop track with versatility. This would make a dope little mix/mashup with Blondie's Rapture . If you're staying key-compatible with that soft guitar running through most of the song, you can also try mixing and mashing up with tracks like:

Nobody Love - Tori Kelly

Speed: 100 bpm Recommended bpm range:   95  to  100 bpm ,  100  to  105 bpm The DJ's Take: Yes, I'm a sucker for a traditional hiphop/break beat, but this feels like a pretty solid little pop song. Should fit seamlessly into almost any Top 40 playlist. If you're in that 95 to 100 bpm range and want to stay key-compatible, try mixing or mashing up with tracks like Love Me Harder - Ariana Grande ft. The Weeknd , No Mediocre - T.I. , Juicy - Notorious BIG , Rack City - Tyga , Single Ladies - BeyoncĂ© , and Headband - B.o.B . If you're in that 100 to 105 bpm range, try mixing with tracks like Ain't It Fun - Paramore , Mo Money Mo Problems - Notorious BIG , Going Back To Cali - Notorious BIG , Love More - Chris Brown , and Turn Me On - Kevin Lyttle . Download or stream the song: Spotify playlist Apple Music iTunes