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dj mix/mashup: i wonder if cupid say so (Fifty Fifty, Doja Cat, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam)

Made with Logic Pro at 118 bpm Took me awhile, didn't it? I was planning to put out something a couple weeks ago, but it got completely blocked on youtube because my original version featured Beyoncé's Sorry. So I went back to the drawing board, kept Say So and the Cupid instrumental, and re-worked something new revolving around an 80s hit that's been sampled a lot . The cool thing about I Wonder If I Take You Home is that the beat features a few vocal-free breaks & variations, so you can cut out a couple different loops and avoid repeating the same section over and over again. Drums are busy, but they can still match up beat for beat with a lot of modern instrumentals. Dj Cheat Sheet playlist (110 to 115 bpm) , 115 to 120 bpm