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Showing posts from September 11, 2022

dj mix/mashup: 6 man [drake] x devil in a new dress [kanye west, rick ross]

Made with Logic Pro at 82 bpm Clip from mix #69 - two big beats on top of each other, which I could've done a better job adjusting for a cleaner sound. But if you listen to the actual mix, the transition sounds smooth; my goal for this video was to create a loop that feels like the first draft of a mashup/remix. Worth building on for a future project. Key- and bpm-compatible playlist

dj mix/mashup: sorry [beyoncé] x push the feeling on [nightcrawlers]

Made with Logic Pro at 124 bpm Clip from mix #72 - this was the beginning of the end. Half-timing from the bouncy dance track that Pitbull jacked for Hotel Room Service into the slower hiphop and r&b portion of the program. Something kind of surreal about hearing that distorted 'you... you... you...' over the dying embers of a familiar instrumental, like we're circling the drain. Sounds about right. Key- and bpm-compatible playlist

dj mix clip: you owe me (nas, ginuwine) x after hours (the weeknd) x down hill (drake)

Made with Logic Pro at 113 bpm Clip from mix #76 - the drums for You Owe Me and Down Hill were surprisingly tricky to get an exact beatmatch for. Cycled through a number of tracks from this playlist before we settled on The Weeknd's After Hours , using the opening instrumental about 2:12 to 2:29 into the song. I especially liked how it sounded over Down Hill; that could be an interesting mashup to make in the future. Key- and bpm-compatible playlist