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Showing posts from February 20, 2022

dj mix/mashup: novacane in the wild

I always wondered how Novacane and No Church in the Wild would sound together. Finally got around to trying, and this video is the result - simply stacked the two intros together and made a loop. Any Frank Ocean fans out there should dig in and flesh it out a bit. Excellent potential for a full-on mashup. Links: Made with Logic Pro at 93 bpm From from episode #73 of the sterling mercury show Follow the key- and bpm-compatible playlist on

I'm So Paid - Akon ft. Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy

tempo: 92-93 bpm the DJ's take:  Song #3 in episode 73 of my dj mix show (4:44): I'd chosen the section for the transition from this one into Rihanna's Kiss It Better , but wasn't satisfied ending it with a simple fade out. So I broke out the scalpel and did some surgery in Logic Pro : I can count on one hand the number of times I've scratched/cut at a gig, and it was always very simple. My friend was more of a turntablist , and he'd use whiteout or tape (or something like that) to mark off spots on a record where he could cut in a good lyric or get a big sound for a scratch. Can be pretty cool in the proper dosage. Administer liberally if you're a legend: download or stream I'm So Paid: amazon dj cheat sheet playlist

So Sick - Ne-Yo

tempo: 95 bpm the DJ's take:  Song #1 in episode 73 of my dj mix show: I had this transition in my head for awhile. And thanks to technology, it wasn't difficult to manifest: Not bad. On a side note, I broke my arm in seventh grade in a biking accident, and got it re-set after a healthy dose of nitrous oxide - the opening purple background in that video gave me flashbacks to the procedure. Although it wasn't all purple; there were some yellow circles interspersed. Gave me something to focus on aside from the pain. download or stream So Sick: amazon dj cheat sheet playlist