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Showing posts from June 15, 2014

The Man - Ed Sheeran

Speed: 87.5 bpm The DJ's Take: Any speculation Ed Sheeran was delving into hiphop ended right here. He's rapping, and that beat sounds like a blend of moody folk-country and mid to late 90s Mobb Deep. Wouldn't be a bad piece for an alternative-sounding mixtape. Try integrating with tracks like Aloe Blacc's single of the same name , Royals and Paper Planes . Download the song: Amazon: The Man

Maps - Maroon 5

Speed: 120 bpm The DJ's Take: When it comes to key and bpm, this sounds like Counting Stars . If you're mixing in the 115 to 120 bpm range, I'd also blend with tracks like Black Or White , Just Dance , and Dynamite . If you're stretching out toward 125 bpm, try mixing with Summertime Sadness , and Levels . Either way, it's new Maroon 5, so worth a spot in your rotation for now. Download the song: 128 bpm Rumba Whoa remix: Amazon: Maps - Maroon 5