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6 Man - Drake

tempo: 79 bpm the dj’s take:  Song #5 in episode #69 of our mix show (7:42): A rare case where a song pops up two separate times in a mix. First, we did a little a surgery and cut out 1:45-1:48 in 6 Man (a little stretch of percussion-less distorted synth), copied/pasted 3 times, and used that for the transition out of the percussion-less section in Heat Waves . Then I took 1:48-2:00 in 6 Man, which includes a vocal-free loop with percussion as the transition into Missy Elliott's The Rain . Here's how it looked in Logic Pro X - look for the red arrow, and you'll see this all starts ~7:42 into the mix: Then we utilized that same 1:48-2:00 loop for the transition out of The Rain before getting into the full version of 6 Man: Could've been simpler, but it sounded good in the end. If you're in the 75 to 80 bpm range, you can also mix with: Say Something - Timbaland, Drake [80 bpm] Throw Some D's - Rich Boy [80 bpm] Rich MF - Trippie Redd, Polo G

Toosie Slide - Drake

tempo: 81-82 bpm the dj’s take:  Song #1 in episode #69 of our mix show: A little confession - the key for this one is a little off vs. the other songs in the mix. You could probably get away with that in a live setting. But I'm a little OCD, you know? So that's why I went with Can't Have Everything right after; very percussion-heavy, so it's harder to tell. Sometimes you need to play a trick to make the magic happen. If you're in the 80 to 85 bpm range, you can mix with: Heat Waves - Glass Animals Sneakin' - Drake, 21 Savage [85 bpm] Used To This - Future, Drake [83 bpm] Throw Some D's - Rich Boy [80 bpm] Oh Boy - Cam'ron, Juelz Santana [83 bpm] Devil in a New Dress - Kanye West, Rick Ross [79-80 bpm] The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) - Missy Elliott [80 bpm] Say Something - Timbaland, Drake [80 bpm] 6 Foot 7 Foot - Lil Wayne, Cory Gunz [84 bpm] Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst - Kendrick Lamar [83 bpm] Toosie Slide - Drake [81-