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DJ Apparel: The Baseball Hat

So I watched the 24K Magic video the other day, and naturally thought about how popular that XXIV hat will get. And then it dawned on me - the baseball cap can be a key accessory for any dj. Why? Because it's like a window into your identity. Allow me to explain, and also highlight some interesting headwear you might like.

24K Magic - Bruno Mars

Speed: 107 bpm Recommended bpm range: 105 to 110 bpm The DJ's Take: Mildly surprised that Snoop Dogg or Charlie Wilson didn't make a cameo. Modern take on a throwback sound, and Bruno Mars hits another home run. Get this in the rotation a.s.a.p. and play it loud in the club and in the car. If you're staying key-compatible, try mixing with:

Throwback Thursday: Morning After Dark - Timbaland ft. Nelly Furtado and SoShy

Speed: 118 bpm Recommended bpm range:   115  to  120 bpm The DJ’s Take:  At one point in time, Timbaland and Nelly Furtado were a dynamic duo. And for a crowd that remembers, this could work during the throwback portion of a Top 40 night. Consider mixing or mashing up with tracks like:

Throwback Thursday: Up Out My Face - Mariah Carey

Speed: 74 bpm Recommended bpm range:   70  to  75 bpm The DJ’s Take:  Not a bad throwback for a hiphop / R&B mix. And even if your crowd doesn't recognize the song, they'll definitely recognize the artist. This could sound good with key-compatible tracks like: Pick Up The Phone - Young Thug, Travis Scott At Night - MNEK GDFR - Flo Rida Inside Out - The Chainsmokers Private Show - TI ft. Chris Brown Rap God - Eminem Cupid Shuffle - Cupid Applause - Lady Gaga Download or stream the song: Key and bpm-compatible Spotify playlist Apple Music iTunes Amazon

Throwback Thursday: Hip Hop Hooray - Naughty By Nature

Speed: 100 bpm Recommended bpm range: 95 to 100 bpm , 100 to 105 bpm The DJ’s Take: Heeyyyyyy, hooooo, heeyyyyy, hooooo... Even if you don’t like hiphop, I know you know this one. Hip Hop Hooray is like a lifeline in the 95-100 and 100-105 bpm range. Just slip it on, watch the crowd sing along, take a quick swig of your adult beverage, and regroup for the next selection. No guarantees, but I can tell you that 60% of the time, it works every time . If you're in the 95 to 100 bpm range, try mixing with:

Throwback Thursday: This Is Why I’m Hot - MIMS

Speed: 80 bpm Recommended bpm range: 80 bpm to 85 bpm The DJ's Take: A perfect example of the old adage 'less is more' - a pulsing four note riff that will go down as one of the great one-hit wonders of the past decade. Good to throw on and take your crowd back to their adolescence. Try mixing with key-compatible tracks like:

Body Moves - DNCE

Speed: 102 bpm Recommended bpm range: 100 to 105 bpm The DJ's Take: If I'm filming a movie scene of a high school dance or wedding reception, this would be the background music. Has a clean, smooth groove that should fit right in on a Top 40 night at a college bar. Try mixing with key-compatible tracks like:

False Alarm - The Weeknd

Speed: 87 bpm Recommended bpm range: 85 bpm to 90 bpm The DJ's Take: Sounds like some experimental pop concocted in London back in the 1960s. Probably not something you break out in the middle of a typical Top 40 set where there's a dance floor, but worth a spin for a gig where people are sitting and chilling. And who knows - maybe this'll become enough of a hit to take a more prominent spot in your rotation. Try mixing with key-compatible tracks like:

Cool - Daya

Speed: 98 bpm Recommended bpm range: 95 to 100 bpm The DJ's Take: Simple, steady, pulsating beat that should work well as a build-up to your bigger tracks in a pop set. And considering Daya's growing stature , maybe this turns into a hit over time. I'd be tempted to mash up with The Chainsmokers' Roses . Then you can try mixing with other key-compatible singles like: