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dj mix/mashup: deuces in paris (Jay-Z, Kanye West, Chris Brown)

Made with Logic Pro at 70 bpm The process of putting this together was a good example of the old saying 'two's company, three's a crowd.' Tried to integrate a third song and it just wasn't working for me, so I spent more time cutting/reshuffling N****s in Paris. And in the process, I learned that Jay-Z is saying 'ball so hard muthaf****s wanna fine me,' not 'ball so hard muthaf****s wanna find me' like I always thought - not to mention my misinterpretation of the slowed-down version as 'this is how muthaf****s wanna find me.' Goes to show I'm a beat guy first, lyrics guy never. Here's the playlist we drew from

The BMC Top 5 for December 2023

1. evening proceedings - Janet Jackson, Jodeci, The Weeknd + Doja Cat, Destiny's Child, Ariana Grande 2. waves go in your eyes - Kanye West, Kool & The Gang, The Weeknd 3. Five More Hours and I'm Good (ft. David Guetta, Bebe Rexha, Deorro and Chris Brown) 4. me & u, liberian girl - Cassie, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner 5. snooze x we belong together - SZA, Mariah Carey, Johnny Gill, The Weeknd