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Logic Pro Tutorial: Selecting all (or multiple) regions in a project

When I'm making a mix or mashup in Logic Pro , it often becomes clear that an edit needs to be made. Maybe we want to try inserting a new song or sample into the middle of the project, or moving around pieces to improve the flow. But how do you do that without ruining the parts of the project you want to leave as is? In this video, we go over how to select multiple regions of a project so you can keep them together and move them around as one. Maybe more of an advanced beginner/intermediate level tutorial, but I think it'll still be useful for someone who's just getting started too. The featured project is my mashup You Know You Like Roses (ft. Eminem, DJ Snake, DMX, and Saint JHn) . And here's a link to our most basic (and popular) tutorial, How to Start a New Mix in Logic Pro . Background music for the video: Mellow Drama - sterling mercury