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DJ App Reviews: Traktor DJ for iPad and iPhone

When I'm figuring out which songs sound good together for this site, I use the iPad version of Traktor DJ to help me confirm it with a quick mix or mashup. Pretty simple to make loops, match beats with precision, adjust EQ levels, and record a cool little demo. But what do more advanced users think of this popular app? Here's a sampling: 'Traktor DJ represents a great leap forward in the world of digital DJing, making it even more convenient for DJs who can cut down on weight by leaving their laptops at home.' - 'With the synchronization options available, the new key detection algorithm and the ability to correct beatgrid issues easily, Traktor DJ became an incredibly useful tool for any Traktor Pro user the moment it arrived.' - RA Reviews iPad version is currently $9.99, and the iPhone version is $1.99. Download the app: Traktor DJ for iPad: Traktor DJ for iPhone: