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Music Review: Your Love - Nicki Minaj

<A HREF=""> Widgets</A> Speed: 95 bpm The DJ’s Take: Nicki Minaj resembles a black Snooki , only a little better looking and more talented. Honestly, when I heard the first few bars of this song, I could’ve sworn it was Justin Bieber singing. Definitely a chick song, and already in the Billboard Top 30, with strong potential to go up based on the saccharine factor. Interesting note you won’t care about - the beat samples Annie Lennox’ (of Eurythmics ) No More I Love Yous . And yes, the fact I could figure that out within 15 seconds means I’ve listened to too much soft rock radio in my day. More relevantly, I thought of 5 different popular tracks you can mix with this song if you turn on

Throwback Track: Back And Forth - Aaliyah

Speed: 93 bpm The DJ’s Take: One of my favorite tracks of the mid 90s - a former #1 hit on the charts, and it still goes down smooth. R. Kelly wrote and produced this one, so even though he's had his issues, you have to respect the talent. Rock the Boat and Lil' Ghetto Boy are pretty much perfect matches for a mix or mashup, even without using key adjust. Try it out on your own for a smooth 10 minute mix. Download the MP3: DJ’s - mix this with (no key adjust needed): Rock the Boat , Lil' Ghetto Boy

Throwback Track: Try Again - Aaliyah

Speed: 93 bpm The DJ’s Take: This is one of my favorite Timbaland beats of all time, next to Big Pimpin . What really stands out, besides the precise percussion, is the growling, rib-shaking bass synth that moves up and down in those intricate riffs. Producers just don’t put that kind of care into their beats these days. Although this was a hit a decade ago, it probably won’t get much of a reaction from a younger crowd looking to hear songs they know, but blend it in with Winner and Hey Daddy , and maybe they’ll give it a chance. Download the MP3: Try Again DJ’s - mix this with: Winner - Jamie Foxx ft. Justin Timberlake and Hey Daddy - Usher