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Misery - Gwen Stefani

Speed: 95 bpm Recommended bpm range: 90 to 95 bpm , 95 to 100 bpm The DJ's Take: If we're ranking pop songs named 'Misery' in a similar key performed by judges from The Voice , I'll give Adam Levine the edge ; a little more energy and juice. But this one is certainly spinnable in the new music portion of a set, and it's getting some love on iTunes. Now we'll just wait for someone to do a mashup with Company - Justin Bieber and call it 'Misery Loves Company.' If you're at around 90 bpm, try mixing with key-compatible tracks like:


Speed: 113 bpm Recommended bpm range: 110 to 115 bpm The DJ's Take: Slick little dance track that should generate a little electricity on a Top 40 night. Certainly worth a spot in the new music playlist. Plus, how can you pass up an opportunity to rick roll into Never Gonna Give You Up ? If you're around 110 bpm, other key-compatible options include Downtown - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Let's Dance - David Bowie . If you're pushing toward 120 bpm, try integrating with tracks like Kill Em With Kindness - Selena Gomez , Sugar - Maroon 5 , and Love Somebody - Maroon 5 . Download the song: Amazon

Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande

Speed: 45 bpm Recommended bpm range: 45 bpm to 50 bpm The DJ's Take: Arianators Rejoice! I feel like this should work in a burlesque / lingerie fashion show or a sultry figure skating / dance routine. Probably won't have a lot of staying power at the top of the charts, but I've been wrong before . Try half-timing into key-compatible tracks like:

Throwback Thursday: Pony - Ginuwine

Speed: 71 bpm Recommended bpm range: 70 bpm to 75 bpm The DJ's Take: I haven't done karaoke in awhile, but this has to be a pretty popular song choice, right? One of those classic female-friendly tracks that any pop / Top 40 dj with half a sense of fun should have in their playlist. Try mixing or making a mashup with some or all of the following: Uber Everywhere - Madeintyo , Jumpman - Drake & Future , Wonderful - Travis Scott ft. The Weeknd , Might Not - Belly ft. The Weeknd , Mercy - Kanye West , Throw Sum Mo (feat. Nicki Minaj & Young Thug) - Rae Sremmurd , Bad Girls - M.I.A Download the song: iTunes Amazon

Ghost - Oliver Heldens ft. RUMORS

Speed: 128 bpm Recommended bpm range: 125 to 130 bpm The DJ's Take: Been a minute since we last covered some real EDM, and this one has some kick. Maybe it's the video (or the key), but there's an unconventional Eastern European flavor - whenever the next version of Tetris comes out, I'd put this in the soundtrack. Snazziness and finger snappability levels are high; worth a spin for an electro-loving crowd that doesn't mind an occasional change-up. Try mixing or making a mashup with tracks like:

Naked - Jason Derulo

Speed: 51 bpm Recommended bpm range: 50 bpm to 55 bpm The DJ's Take: Well, this is a bit of a departure for Jason Derulo, isn't it? If Naked ever gets radio play, expect plenty of censoring. The beat seems better suited for an artist like The Weeknd , but who knows; maybe people will take to the alternate persona. Try mixing with Know Bout Me - Timbaland or half-timing into key-compatible tracks like Genghis Khan - Miike Snow , Slow Motion - Trey Songz , Blank Space - Taylor Swift , Don't Tell Em - Jeremih , Back That Azz Up - Juvenile , Dreamlover - Mariah Carey , and Kiss The Sky - The Knocks ft. Wyclef Jean . Download the song: iTunes Amazon

Photo Copied - Future

Speed: 77 bpm Recommended bpm range: 75 bpm to 80 bpm The DJ's Take: Hey Xerox - if you want to reach the young black demographic, I think we've got the new theme song for your next ad campaign. The beat starts to feel like Chinese water torture with that repetitive synth riff, but it should play well in an urban club environment. I think it'd sound cool with Wicked , especially if you're doing a Future-themed set. Download the song: iTunes Amazon

Uber Everywhere - Madeintyo

Speed: 70 bpm Recommended bpm range: 70 bpm to 75 bpm The DJ's Take: Props to the first 20 seconds of that video - ghost-riding the Little Tike should be more of a thing than it is. I could picture this getting a big reaction on a hiphop night if you blend with Jumpman - Drake & Future . Relaxing trap beat, infectious hook, and lyrics that are easy to rap along to; I'm on board. Besides Jumpman, try mixing or mashing up with key-compatible tracks like:

untitled 08 09.06.2014 - Kendrick Lamar

tempo: 120 bpm bpm range: 115 to 120 bpm the DJ's take: Kendrick Lamar clearly does not care about marketing this song. If you do end up integrating this into your playlist, remember that this isn't the half-finished untitled track you worked on in Logic Pro three years ago and promptly forgot. Has plenty of funk and decent dance-ability, so it may play well in certain public settings. If you're staying key-compatible, this could sound cool with Bust A Move - Young MC . Generally speaking, I'd utilize it as a catalyst for an old school mix in this bpm range (e.g. It Takes Two , etc.). download or stream the song: iTunes Amazon