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Showing posts from November 3, 2013

Proteck Ya Neck - Wu Tang Clan

Speed: 102 bpm The DJ's Take: Today is the 20th anniversary of the release of Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), so let's pay tribute with arguably my favorite track off the album. One of the ultimate posse cuts of all-time - about as rough, rugged, and raw as you can get. In fact, Proteck Ya Neck is probably a little too hard for the youth who frequent a typical college bar. But if I were still spinning, I'd blow the dust off this one from time to time and slip it in the middle of a 90s hiphop mix in that 100 to 105 bpm sweet spot. Certified riot music without a doubt. Download the song: Amazon: 

Radio Stereo - Duck Sauce

Speed: 130 bpm The DJ's Take: Seriously - how 80s does this sound? My first thought is you should mix it with some combo of Everybody Have Fun Tonight and Your Love . I remember spinning an 80s night a few years ago, and this would've been a must-download for me back then. Certainly worth a spot in your rotation; one of the most danceable tracks I've heard in awhile. Download the song: Amazon:

Y.A.L.A. - MIA

Speed: 125 bpm Recommended bpm range:   120  to  125 bpm ,  125  to  130 bpm The DJ's Take: Doesn't this sound like I Love It with an international kick? Maybe a little too different to play in a Top 40 venue, but test the crowd and look for an opening. And if things aren't working out, you can always go into the aforementioned Icona Pop track and the people will probably come alive like this . If you're in the 120 to 125 bpm range, try mixing with:

Under Control - Calvin Harris & Alesso ft. Hurts

Speed: 126 bpm The DJ's Take: Solid piece for your EDM arsenal. Is it a hit? If you're talking Top 40, I doubt it; nothing really memorable here, and the vocalist is a relative unknown. But there's an energetic, ethereal vibe that people can get into, even if they don't remember the track the next day. And if your crowd starts yelling 'Play something we know!' you can always fall back on the following: I Love It - Icona Pop , Cannonball - Showtek & Justin Prime , Animals - Martin Garrix , Stay The Night - Zedd , Clarity - Zedd , This Is What It Feels Like - Armin Van Buuren , Turn Up The Music - Chris Brown , Wild Ones - Flo Rida ft. Sia , Beautiful People - Chris Brown , Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO , Firework - Katy Perry , I Like It - Enrique Iglesias Download the song: Amazon:

Perfume - Britney Spears

Speed: 80 bpm The DJ's Take:  Is Britney Spears setting the table for  another perfume commercial ? As you can tell, this is a ballad, not a club banger, so spin selectively. I could certainly picture Perfume becoming a hit, some young Caucasian female requesting it at a college bar, and then her and her friends doing a singalong when it comes on. Fortunately, you've got some key-compatible tracks to mix into if necessary: Mirrors - Justin Timberlake , Bedrock - Young Money , Man Down - Rihanna , This Is Why I'm Hot - MIMS , You Make Me Wanna - Usher , All The Above - Maino ft. T-Pain Download the song:

Sweet Serenade - Pusha T ft. Chris Brown

Speed: 75 bpm The DJ's Take: If revenge is a dish best served cold, make this part of the soundtrack as you and the familia plot against your enemies. Smooth as a Jameson on the rocks at a hotel lounge, and a nice way to cool down the crowd after your Rap God / Forgot About Dre mix. Download the song: Amazon: 

No Games - Rick Ross ft. Future

Speed: 73 bpm The DJ's Take: In a contest of tracks named No Games, I'm giving Serani a big edge. Here's my problem with the beat - it's like you're talking to some tough guy who can only speak in one voice at one volume. My eyelids started drooping after about a minute of this generic gangster anthem. A little variety and nuance is good, right? My idea - slap the beat from Tom Ford over these vocals and call it a mashup. Strictly a 'hiphop' track you only break out for a 'hiphop' crowd. Download the song:

Booyah - Showtek ft. We Are Loud & Sonny Wilson

Speed: 128 bpm The DJ's Take: Good lord - if you're trying to start a riot, get this in your rotation as soon as possible. Think of Booyah as a well-timed uppercut; build your crowd up, find the right opening, and finish them off in spectacular fashion with the booming beat and supercharged vuvuzelas. A certified sonic weapon of mass destruction. The catch - unfortunately, this only seems to be available in the UK . Will try to post a download link for the US when/if it's up. If you're looking for the closest set of songs key-wise, here are a few I recommend: You Make Me - Avicii , On The Floor - Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull ,  Give It 2 U - Robin Thicke ,  Live For The Night - Krewella ,  Don't Stop The Party - Pitbull ,  Right Now - Rihanna and David Guetta , We Found Love - Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris , S&M - Rihanna , Sweet Nothing - Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch , Bulletproof - La Roux ,  Low - Flo Rida ,  Calabria - Enur , Back To The Pump - B