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Showing posts from March 12, 2023

Die For You (Remix) - The Weeknd, Ariana Grande

tempo: 67 bpm the DJ's take: Probably a good choice as the backbone of a mashup/remix; heavy vocal-free intro. You could maybe pair with some lighter tracks like Mercy , Lemonade , or even Breakdown . And if you're sticking with a Weeknd/Ariana Grande theme, this could sound cool with main thing and Nothing Compares . Peruse our key- and bpm-compatible playlist and see what works for you. download or stream Die For You (Remix): amazon

Yandel 150 - Yandel, Feid

tempo: 84 bpm the DJ's take: Song title makes me think of a NASCAR race sponsored by Yandel. Maybe if I get famous enough one day, I'll be waving the checkered flag at the Taeho 250. Could sound interesting with Side to Side , Russian Roulette , Lucid Dreams , and Make It Hot . More ideas can be found here ; try them out for yourself and let me know if you find anything cool. download or stream Yandel 150: amazon