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I'm Ready - Tevin Campbell

tempo: 91 bpm The DJ's Take: Track #2 in mix #63 (1:17): The transition from The Chainsmokers' All We Know is pretty nice - even I didn't anticipate how well they'd go together. Reflects the real appeal of this song, aside from nostalgia for the x-ennials : a lengthy, mostly-vocal-free intro that offers a lot of flexibility. Certainly worth a spin on a 90s night. Some more key-compatible music from 90 to 95 bpm: Peaches - Justin Bieber Real Love - Mary J. Blige Crockett's Theme - Jan Hammer Closer - Nine Inch Nails Back to Sleep - Chris Brown Watermelon Sugar - Harry Styles Starboy - The Weeknd, Daft Punk Delicate - Taylor Swift Stir Fry - Migos Gorgeous - Taylor Swift Unpretty - TLC Suena El Dembow - Joey Montana, Sebastián Yatra Pendulum - Katy Perry SUBEME LA RADIO - Enrique Iglesias No Games - Serani Out of the Woods - Taylor Swift This Is How We Do - Katy Perry Teaser - Tanto Metro & Devonte, Devonte & Tanto Metr