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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Music Review: Just Dance - Lady GaGa ft. Colby O'Donis

Speed: 119 bpm

Recommended bpm range: 115 to 120 bpm

Mix this one with: Dynamite - Taio Cruz, Black or White - Michael Jackson

The DJ’s Take: Of all of Lady GaGa’s recent hits, this is my favorite. Hard driving, fun instrumental that tapers down with about a minute left, picks up again, and ends strong. Even I could get down to this, and I am a party pooper of an old man who gets winded after 15 minutes of light exercise. Btw, does this girl have any pants or regulation size dresses in her wardrobe? If not, I hope she lives somewhere warm.

DJs - don’t get lazy with the synth-only intro. It quickly turns into the full on instrumental plus singing, so you better be right on when you start this, or the transition will sound bad. You can also elect to start the synth intro right after the end of the previous track. People might appreciate the 5-10 second dance break, and it’ll get them hyped up for a song they know and like. Your call.

Download the song: