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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Music Review: In My Head - Jason Derulo

Speed: 110 bpm

Recommended bpm range: 105 to 110 bpm, 110 to 115 bpm

The DJ’s Take: As legendary thespian Tom Green once noted in Road Trip, it’s all about experimenting. A lot of people like rock. A lot of people like hiphop and R&B. So why not combine the two and see if you can’t make something everyone likes? In My Head is a new single from Jason Derulo (the guy who did Whatcha Say), and the rock guitar and strong percussion make it clear that producer JR Rotem is aiming for some serious crossover appeal.

It’s already broken into the Billboard Hot 100, and people do request this track. Does it have staying power? Maybe, but my gut tells me that it’ll fade on the charts and become more of a high school prom or college dance team staple than anything else. Regardless, it’s got some of the ingredients for pop greatness, so try it on for size and see how it feels.

Download the song:


DJ’s - mix this with Because of You - NeYo, or speed up a little and mix with Treasure - Bruno Mars