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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Classic - The Knocks ft. Powers

Speed: 102 bpm

The DJ's Take: I'm gonna go off the beaten path a little and cover a track that probably isn't getting a ton of pub (but should). Nice little slice of late summer disco-pop; the guitar feels like a slightly sanitized, more detached version of a Nile Rodgers lick. Will this bring the house down? No - the best place to play this is probably in a lounge where people are just chilling, or a weeknight gig where the crowd is dancing to whatever. That said, I could see someone asking you 'who's this song by' if you slip it in on a Top 40 night.

For a key-compatible mix or mashup, try blending with some or all of the following: Sleeping With A Friend - Neon Trees, Midnight City - M83, Alejandro - Lady Gaga, LoveGame - Lady Gaga, Nasty Boy - Notorious BIG

Download the song:

Amazon: Classic (feat. Powers)