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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Music Review: OMG - Usher ft.

Speed: 130 bpm

Recommended bpm range: 125 to 130 bpm, 130 to 135 bpm

The DJ’s Take: Ever since Love In This Club, it seems like Usher’s been getting more involved in the business side of things, cultivating new acts like tween-idol Justin Bieber. In any case, regardless of what you think of the artist and his inability to keep his shirt on, you have to admit he’s savvy and consistently successful. And his new single OMG, produced by the BEPs’, shows that he’s still in touch with the pop market.

Do I love it? It’s ok. The percussion has a hand clap-like rhythm that a good club anthem needs, and the bass creeps stealthily underneath, which brings to mind the famous bass in Livin On A Prayer. And that can’t be a coincidence, because your average Caucasian club goer loves that song, just like Usher hopes they’ll love his song. That said, he’s a little behind the times with the 130 bpm track speed (songs like TiK ToK and Telephone are more around 120), but if your audience isn’t sick of I Gotta Feeling or Pitbull yet, OMG is worth a spin.

Download the MP3: