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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Throwback Track: Fallin' Up - Black Eyed Peas

Speed: 94 bpm

The DJ’s Take: As you can tell, the BEPs were a different group before Fergie came along. I think this came out almost 10 years ago, if not a little earlier, because I used to listen to this a lot off back in college. Play this for anyone born in 1988 or later, and they will tell you there is no way this is Black Eyed Peas. Props to the commenter on YouTube who quotes the lyrics, “We don’t use dollas to represent / We just use our inner sense and talent.”

Not hating 100%, because they’ve made spinning top 40 a little easier over the last couple years, but sometimes an artist or a group has to make a choice, and they obviously made theirs. That said, you have to respect the talent, and I challenge you to find a hook that makes better use of a trumpet and frog sounds.

Download the MP3: Fallin' Up [Explicit]