Friday, May 15, 2015

This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like a MotherF****r - Maroon 5

Speed: 99 bpm

The DJ's Take: I'm probably the 278,905th person to say this, but c'mon man - this is Animals + 4 bpm's. And on the same album too.

That said, it feels like a seasonal anthem for the YOLO generation. Personally, I'm determined to make this summer not hurt like a motherf****r. Only two weddings, a bachelor party in Miami, maybe a music festival or two (deep breath), and I'll be in the clear.

Top 40 dj's should probably invest the $1 for a download. If you're looking to stay key-compatible, try mixing with tracks like BeFoUr - ZAYN, Team - Iggy Azalea, Sledgehammer - Fifth Harmony, L.A. Love (La La) - FergieTurn Down For What - DJ Snake and Lil JonShow Me - Kid Ink, and You and Your Friends - Wiz Khalifa. Bump up a couple bpm's and Doing It - Charli XCX ft. Rita Ora and Trouble - Iggy Azalea ft. Jennifer Hudson could be in play for a mixtape or mashup.

Download the song: