Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Why You Always Hatin? - YG ft. Drake, Kamaiyah

Speed: 93 bpm

Recommended bpm range: 90 to 95 bpm

The DJ's Take: Kinda sounds like Fancy, doesn't it? Pretty generic hiphop that should fill a couple minutes in a set, and the Drake verse should get some of your audience's attention. Plus, the hook is memorable enough to make this worth a spin or two.

If you're in the 85 to 90 bpm range, try mixing or mashing up with racks like New Americana - Halsey, Nobody To Love - Sigma, Drankin' Patna - T-Pain, How Many Drinks - MiguelPart II (On The Run) - Jay-Z ft. Beyoncé, Me and My Broken Heart - Rixton, and Obsessed - Mariah Carey.

If you're in the 90 to 95 bpm range, try mixing with tracks like Impatient - Jeremih ft. Ty Dolla $ign, Kevin - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Express Yourself - N.W.A., Sexy Love - Ne-Yo, Used To Love You - Gwen Stefani, The Fix - Nelly ft. Jeremih, Sexual Healing - Marvin Gaye, Creep - TLC, Honey - Mariah Carey, Where The Party At - Jagged Edge, What's Luv - Fat Joe, and T.I.'s Ball.

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