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Turn All The Lights On - T-Pain ft. Ne-Yo

Speed: 127 bpm

The DJ's Take: So I've been hearing dj's spinning this a good amount in bars around where I live, and it isn't hard to see why. You got a slick, driving electro dance beat with two recognizable artists. But somehow it isn't getting much reaction from the crowds. Two reasons (in my opinion) - no popular radio saturation, and T-Pain sounds like a crow with an autotune apparatus stuck in its hindquarters.

That said, according to Wikipedia, this was big in South Korea back in October 2011, so maybe it's worth a spin if you work at a bar on that fun little stretch on 32nd St. in Manhattan.

On a side note, let the title of this track be a warning to all young males out there. Because despite what it says, you should never be in a bar or club of any sort when the lights come on. Because that is when the beasts come out.

Download the song:


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