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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Levels - Nick Jonas

Speed: 102 bpm

Recommended bpm range: 95 to 100 bpm, 100 to 105 bpm

The DJ's Take: If we're ranking songs with the name Levels, I'm going with Avicii. But this has pop hit potential - probably best employed during a high school dance or at a casual bar on Top 40 night.

**Unconventional mashup idea alert**: This reminds me a lot of Tom Cochrane's Life Is A Highway, which was hot when I was in middle school. Virtually identical bpm, similar key; no idea how tricky it would be, but worth a try for someone looking to dig into the archives a little (jeez; just realized the song's almost 25 years old).

Back to reality: I'd try dropping maybe 3 bpm's and doing something with Taylor Swift's Blank Space. If you're living around 100 bpm, try mixing with tracks like Don't Tell Em - Jeremih, Dreamlover - Mariah Carey, Be Faithful - Fatman Scoop and Pretty Girls - Britney Spears ft. Iggy Azalea.

Download the song:

Amazon: Levels - Nick Jonas