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DJ Fashion: A T-Shirt Deep Dive

So we've touched on footwear and hats, but the most important part of a dj's wardrobe may be the t-shirt. Casual, comfortable, very visible from behind the decks, and it gives everyone a feel for what you're about. In fact, I wore one for approximately 97.8% of my gigs.

What should you be wearing when you're dressing down? Here are some tees that recently caught my eye (prices are current as of the writing of this post):

So apparently Soda Stereo was a notable 1980s Argentinian rock band? Never heard of them, but that's a cool logo if I ever saw one. Here's one of their hit songs on YouTube, so you don't have to plead total ignorance. [$10.50 and up]

Sure, we all know the Autobot symbol stands for virtue and justice. Drape it in the colors of the American flag, and that makes you an official fan of freedom. A patriotic twist on a popular design. [$10 and up]

Here's a shirt specifically for the ladies. Classic song - in fact, I was in Korea a few months ago, about to walk into a local restaurant in the countryside, and this was playing softly on the outdoor speakers. Plus, if you've ever checked out a college bulletin board or a telephone pole, you recognize the missing pet / guitar-teacher-for-hire ad-with-tabs format. Attention-getting without being attention-seeking. [$7.95 and up]

Finally, as a former high school tennis player, I like this design. Nothing says 'elegance' like a crisp two-hand backhand and pastel colors running down a deep green background. About as easy on the eyes as it gets. [$19.99]

Anyway, that's all I've got for now. Will try to do another deep dive in the near future.

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