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Gear Review: Pioneer DJM-350 Mixer

Looking for a feature-rich mixer that won't break the bank? The Pioneer DJM-350 could be an interesting mid-range option. It recently won the 2016 DJ Mag Tech Award for Best Mixer Under £600 (which translates to this much in US $), and the reviews are positive. Here's a closer look and a sampling of the reception from around the web:

'I recommend the Pioneer DJM-350 for DJ's who love to mix and want to throw in a little bit of scratching every now and then. It's also recommended for DJ's who need on-board USB recording and a few effects to make things interesting.' - DJ Booth

And a couple video reviews from YouTube:

If you're interested in the Pioneer DJM-350, here's a link where you can learn more and order it:

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