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dj mix/mashup: hung up and lost (Shakira, Bizarrap, Frank Ocean, Madonna, Empire of the Sun)

Made with Logic Pro at 118 bpm

Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53 - Bizarrap, Shakira [122 bpm]
Lost - Frank Ocean
Hung Up - Madonna
Alive - Empire of the Sun

I was actually sitting on this for about 3 weeks, had the basic framework and song selection, kept getting hung up on whether to bring in Hung Up or Alive first (among some other things), then it finally clicked at the eleventh hour. My favorite part may be at the end where it's just Lost and Hung Up, and Hung Up is building up into the drop - just learned today that it's a sample from this ABBA song (about 19 seconds in).

As always, got all the music off my own djcheatsheet.com120 to 125 bpm playlist, although the final version clocked in at 118 bpm. Why? My mind was probably just on auto-pilot, but everything sounded ok in the end.

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