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dj mix/mashup: xxplosive & obsessed (Mariah Carey, Dr. Dre, Ariana Grande, Kanye West)

Made with Logic Pro at 88 bpm

Still trying to find a spot for Blinding Lights; thought I had something with Xxplosive, but upon closer listening, the basslines didn't quite match up for me (yes, I'm getting pickier). I actually had a longer version of this where I mixed break up with your girlfriend and Duran Duran's Come Undone; they sound good together, but it felt extraneous, so I cut that out.

And in case you were wondering - the blinking light in the intro to the video was a decoration at a bar I wandered into in downtown Seattle a couple months ago. Should've asked where to get one for my living room.

Dj Cheat Sheet playlist (85 to 90 bpm), 90 to 95 bpm

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