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Monday, April 30, 2018

Paranoid - Post Malone

tempo: 80 bpm

bpm range: 75 bpm to 80 bpm80 bpm to 85 bpm

the dj's take: In the power rankings of songs called Paranoid, this one takes the top spot over Ty Dolla $ign. Although if we're going with tracks about being paranoid that aren't called Paranoid, it's the Geto Boys in a landslide:

Going back to Post Malone, Paranoid would sound good blasting out the stereo as you cruise the freeway on a sunny day. Should also work in the club on a hiphop night.

Try mixing with:

If you're willing to drop a bpm or two, this could sound interesting with Travis Scott's HIGHEST IN THE ROOM.

download or stream Paranoid:


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