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Sunday, November 8, 2015

oui - Jeremih

Speed: 60 bpm

Recommended bpm range: 55 bpm to 60 bpm, 60 bpm to 65 bpm

The DJ's Take: As someone who took French in high school, I can indeed attest that there's no oui without u & i. The piano makes it feel like a soundtrack for a flashback to a happy memory. If you're spinning in the 55 to 60 bpm range, try mixing with Love - Keyshia Cole. If you're going 60 to 65, try mixing or mashing up with tracks like I Should've Cheated - Keyshia Cole, Here - Alessia Cara, No Type - Rae Sremmurd and Blasé (feat. Future & Rae Sremmurd) - Ty Dolla $ign, with a possible stretch up to Hotline Bling.

Download the song:

iTunes: Oui - Jeremih

Amazon: oui - Jeremih