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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Lemon - N.E.R.D. & Rihanna

tempo: 95 bpm

bpm range: 90 to 95 bpm, 95 to 100 bpm

the dj's take: As someone who's directed zero music videos in my life, I've got a creative bone to pick. Let's scrap the dancing lady and go with a montage of babies eating lemons (with celebrity cameos mixed in):

As for the track, kind of interesting to hear Rihanna rap. Get Drake for the remix and this could be even bigger. Already worth a regular spot in the pop / hiphop rotation.

If you're spinning from 90 to 95 bpm, try mixing with:

And between 95 and 100:

Versace On The Floor - Bruno Mars vs David Guetta
Same Old Love - Selena Gomez

download or stream Lemon:


spotify playlist (90 to 95 bpm)

spotify playlist (95 to 100 bpm)